Life Insurance

Individual Plans

Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning for everyone. Did you know that almost 33% of Americans over age 18 have no life insurance protection? The cash provided by life insurance can help spare your loved ones from having significant debt after your death. We will structure a Life Insurance program to meet your short– and long–term needs. We offer Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life, and Survivorship for Estate Planning.

Group Plans

Providing employer paid life insurance will allow your employees to have Group Term Life Insurance without any medical underwriting. We will help you design a program that will enhance the value of this important benefit to your employees and their dependents, including Term Life, AD&D, Supplemental and Voluntary Plans. 

Life insurance is for the living. It gives you and your loved ones:

  • A financially secure future
  • Life's necessities and the little extras
  • A good night's sleep

In addition to providing death benefits so your loved ones can carry on financially without you, certain types of life insurance can build cash value to secure your own financial future. Life insurance benefits help: 

  • Satisfy final expenses
  • Replace income after a breadwinner's death
  • Send children to college
  • Pay off a mortgage or business loan
  • Build financial security